Intarsia On the Bay  
Handcrafted Wood Art Designs

Jaguar - Grand Champion Award Winner


  Intarsia Wood Art Designs Using Exotic Woods

All pieces are individually cut to fit together with the  next adjoining piece. 
Some pieces are raised to give a 3D look. Then they are contoured by 
sanding to give them the final shape.

Just the natural beauty of the wood

  Each piece is a one of a kind creation and no two are alike. 
Every finished piece will vary due to the difference in woods used and their grain.   
Custom Orders Accepted 
Allow 4-8 weeks delivery time on custom orders





One of the many definitions is as follows:    in-tar-sia: a mosaic of wood fitted and glued into a wooden support 
popular in 15th century Italy for decoration;  also: the art or process of making such work.

We use exotic woods to create our one of a kind pieces of art.